Wageningen Evolution and Ecology Seminars (WEES)

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Wageningen Evolution and Ecology Seminars (WEES) is a monthly seminar series organised by  called. It is an initiative of PhD candidates and postdocs at Wageningen University to organise a continuing series of stimulating seminars on contemporary topics in evolution and ecology. We aim to bring together different groups at Wageningen University using a variety of systems, but with a common interest in evolutionary and ecological questions. For this series we invite researchers from all over the world that have leading roles in their field. After the talk there will be drinks for an informal discussion and a dinner in town with the speaker. Preceding each talk a Master Class can be attended. The Master Class is organised for interested PhD and MSc students. In the Master Class the attendants have the possibility to meet the speaker of the seminar and have a discussion based on recent papers suggested by the speaker. The Master classes provide a good opportunity to get acquainted with hot topics in ecology and evolutionary biology and to learn to discuss these topics with leading scientists in the field. MSc students can get credits for the Master Class. The seminars are held every 3rd Thursday of the month from 16:00 to 17:00. For more information click here.