Institute of Environmental Biology (IEB Utrecht) PhD Discussion Group

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The discussion group is organised by the PhD council of the Institute of Environmental Biology (IEB) at the Utrecht University. PhD candidates working in this institute combine molecular biology, physiology and ecogenomics with plant, animal and microbial ecology at different organisational levels of life - from genes, cells and organisms to population communities and entire ecosystems. The meetings are orgainsed four times a year in Utrecht to interconnect PhDs from the different research groups: Molecular Plant Physiology; Plant-Microbe Interactions; Plant Ecophysiology; Ecology and Biodiversity; Microbial Ecology and Animal Ecology. The aim of these meetings is to introduce and discuss the research of PhD candidates. The meetings are primarily focussed on PhDs working within the institute, but all other PhD candidates interested in the discussed topics are more than welcome.

For more information and participation, please contact Nathalie Amacker ( or Violeta Angulo (