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If you are interested in applied research and are willing to utilize your education and research experience for a cause, you may want to consider a job at an NGO. NGOs are non-profit and non-governmental, and offer a wide variety of jobs including research, communications, teaching, policy and ethics, to name a few. There are hundreds of NGOs, finding one that suits you requires a search in your research field and in the area where you want to work. After that the job hunt is comparable to finding a job in any other industry. Here you can find some links to large NGO’s, websites that offer development jobs and other useful resources. If you feel things are missing or if you have suggestions for additions, do let us know at!

The largest NGOs include
NGO-oriented courses
  • WAGENINGEN: General T-shaped Skills courses
    Important when starting any job are T-shaped skills. These include communication, project-management courses and presentation courses
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PE&RC Alumni experiences

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