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Nowadays most PhD candidates will find themselves in a non-academic position after finishing their thesis. Many of them will follow a career in R&D in industry, where research will have and end use and not just exist as reference material. This page contains useful courses to prepare yourself for a job in industry, mainly involving T-shaped skills. Additionally, there is a list of links to websites where you can find information on how to prepare for a job in industry and to websites that list available job positions. If you feel things are missing or if you have suggestions for additions, do let us know at!

Industry-oriented courses
  • WAGENINGEN: General T-shaped Skills courses
    Important when starting a job in industry are T-shaped skills. These include communication, project-management courses and presentation courses
  • WAGENINGEN: Entrepreneurship in- and outside Science
    This course focusses on whether you have entrepreneurial skills, if a job in business is suited to the participant and develops entrepreneurial skills
  • UTRECHT: 3 steps to a career in industry
    Course to prepare you to find a job in industry. You will learn how to optimize networking strategies, translate your experiences and skills, find suitable vacancies, make a convincing CV and job interview, etc.
Useful links
PE&RC Alumni experiences

A few stories of our PE&RC alumni have now been posted online. You can find them here.