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If you wish to pursue a career in research, working as a post-doc at a research institute is one option. Para-university research institutes are publicly funded and linked to a university in contrast to research that take places at private companies. Almost 15% of the research that occurs in The Netherlands is conducted at these types of institutions. The Netherlands Institute of Ecology here in Wageningen is one example of this type of institute. NIOO host over 200 researchers (from inters to professors) from around the world and even hosts their own seminar series, colloquiums and conferences.
People in a para-university research institute are expected to be highly independent often running their own research line while supervising/advising students. A keen eye for collaboration is also an asset as many institutes focus on interdisciplinary research lines. Finally a person in such a position must find fulfilment in an academic lifestyle with all the highs and lows that come with it.
If you are considering working for a research institute, you can find vacancies directly on the website of the research institute (e.g., NIOO: It is also a good idea to get in touch with scientists who are doing research that you find interesting. Writing a proposal together with a senior scientist or project leader may be one option to secure a post-doc position at a research institute. If you feel things are missing or if you have suggestions for additions, do let us know at!

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