Insect-Plant Interactions (IPI) lunch meeting

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The coming IPI-lunch, on Tuesday 12th of March, will be unusual as we will not have a speaker presentation but instead a group discussion around the paper of Giron et al. (2018) entitled “Promises and challenges in insect-plant interactions” (see attachment) published after the Symposium on Insect-Plant interaction held in Tours (July-2017).

I will ask to read this paper beforehand and try to look at it from the perspective of your research topic.

  • What challenges are you already undertaking in your research group?
  • What are the critical aspects that for you have been overlooked in this paper?

I will lead the discussion, emphasising on the need for interdisciplinary studies. I will try to integrate the vast expertise array of the insect-plant interaction group here in Wageningen University and its capacity in tackling future challenges in unravelling complex interacting networks ranging from microcosms to ecosystems that have shaped over millions of years eco-evolutionary processes, however, taking place every second.

I hope to see many of you on, Tuesday the 12th of March at 12h30 in room M10 (Radix building) for this particular IPI-lunch discussion.

The next speakers for the IPI-lunch on the 26th of March are still in suspense. More information will be given in subsequent emails.

Thank you very much,

Best regards,

Thibault Costaz