Insect-Plant Interactions (IPI) lunch meeting

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For the first half, we will have two BSc presentations with Marieke van Veldhuizen and Jessica de Haan who will present their work on the “Interaction between aphid resistance gene SLI1 and RTM genes” and “Phloem-located resistance genes against green peach aphids and cabbage whiteflies”. Then, for the second half, Max Wantulla will give a presentation on “How soil amendment with insect exuviae shapes the bacterial community in the cabbage rhizosphere”.

I hope to see many of you on, Tuesday the 19th of November at 12h30 in room M10 (Radix building).

Our next IPI-lunch will be on the 3rd of December with a presentation by Marcel Dicke. More information will be given with subsequent emails.

Thank you very much.

Best regards,

Tibo Costaz