WEES Seminar: Evolutionary arms races in a changing world (16.00h)

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Evolutionary arms races in a changing world


Wouter Halfwerk
Assistant Professor, Department of Ecological Sciences, VU Amsterdam

Arms races evolve wherever individuals with opposing interest interact, such as in the case of rivals and mates, or predators and prey. Many of these interactions are mediated via specific sensory domains, such as the visual or acoustic channel, which makes them highly susceptible to environmental change. In our group we try to understand what drives evolutionary arms races and how different systems respond to change, such as the impact of urbanization on communication, or the role of camouflage in predator avoidance.

The seminar will be hosted on zoom and the seminar can be accessed via the following link:  https://us02web.zoom.us/j/85798982138

Additionally, the link to the seminar will be posted online on our website (www.weeswageningen.nl) in the week of the seminar. If you experience any problems with accessing the seminar, please contact us at weeswageningen@gmail.com..

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