PE&RC in the Spotlight: Edith Eder

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Every month we put a PE&RC member in the spotlight. This month we are getting to know Edith Eder. I am a PhD Candidate in Environmental Chemistry at IBED (Institute of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Dynamics at the University of Amsterdam). I currently work on creating a flow barrier to remediate soil pollution. I'm half French, half German, and really proud of this mix, so please enjoy a picture of me supporting the French Women at the Football World Cup 2019, and my family and I at the Oktoberfest recently.. 


Do you enjoy fieldwork, lab work, literature research or writing the most?
When applying for this position I thought I would enjoy field and lab work the most, but in the end, it was really satisfying to analyse my data and write about my results! But that might also have to do with the writing retreat some friends and I did in Italy over the summer (see pictures below). I actually managed to write most of my draft within a week, because knowing I would be able to go for a swim in the sea and get some foccacia and gelato after working a couple of hours is really motivating! I hope I will get to write all of my thesis in such conditions..

What is your favorite movie/series? / What are you binging on Netflix?
I would say that Sense 8 and Pose were the best series I have seen, and I would definitely watch them again! But my favourite ending of a series has to be The Big Bang Theory, which is a series I really love as well.

What is on your bucket list
My brother and I share the dream of jumping with a parachute one day.. Other than that, I would love to do a (small) triathlon one day, but also travel to Iceland and some of the Pacific islands! I really want to learn skateboarding and playing the drums as well!

What is the coolest place you've travelled to?
I went sailing through islands in the South of the Bretagne (France) after the first lockdown, and it was one of the best experiences I've ever had. Living on a boat with friends, watching the sun rise and set over the sea everyday and discovering islands, where it seems no human has been yet, was really magical!

What is your useless talent?
I actually don't think I have any useful talents, but I know the first 20 decimals of π by heart! My dad, my brother and I can be quite weird and nerdy sometimes, so we challenge each other to learn or do such useless things..

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