B-Wise Seminar, March 12th: Catarina Sales E Santos Loureiro & Sara Moreno Paz

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We will have two seminars.

Catarina Sales E Santos Loureiro, postdoctoral researcher at WUR Bioinformatics, will talk about the use of interactive sequence similarity networking (with the BiG-SCAPE v2 software) in charting the diversity of biosynthetic gene clusters across large numbers of genome sequences. Sara Moreno Paz, PhD candidate at WUR Systems & Synthetic Biology, will talk about the use of statistical design of experiments to optimize gene expression and environmental factors to optimize the production of microbial cell factories. If you would like to join for the (free) lunch at 12:00h, please send an e-mail to lunch@bioinformatics.nl by Friday March 8th latest.

For those joining the meeting online, here is a link:


Meeting ID: 356 164 246 069

Passcode: ikbxSk

Please pass this message on to any co-workers you believe might be interested.

Looking forward to meeting many of you there!
Best regards,
Marnix Medema

Bioinformatics Group, Wageningen University

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