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Soil Ecology

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Soils are pivotal for numerous ecosystem services, including delivering food, fibres and biofuels, clean air, drinking water and carbon storage. Many of these ecosystem services are at risk because increased land use intensity, global climate change, urbanization, and other human-induced environmental changes have resulted in loss of soil biodiversity. Restoring soils and soil functioning requires the restoration of physical, chemical and biological soil properties, as well as restoring ecological relationships. We may call this: ‘rewilding soils’. In this course, we will address ways to understand and promote rewilding soils, through exploring how soil ecology operates in healthy and disturbed soils, how complex networks of soil biota may be restored, and how rewilding soils might work in different (agricultural, natural, urban) environments and under a variety of (boreal-temporal-tropic) climatic conditions. We will also explore how international policy and (N)GOs that aim to restore soils operate. 

Course set-up

The course is composed of a series of lectures, subsequent discussions, working group activities and poster sessions. The course will start on Sunday in the late afternoon (4 PM) with welcome drinks, an introduction and a keynote lecture as well as dinner. The course will run till Thursday afternoon (4-5PM), after which participants make their way home again. As soon as more detailed information about the programme is available, this will be published here. 

Course organisers
General information
Target Group The course is aimed at PhD candidates, postdocs, and other academics
Group Size Min. 25, max. 40 participants
Course duration 5 days
Language of instruction English
Frequency of recurrence Every three years
Number of credits 1.5 ECTS
Lecturers See above
Prior knowledge Basic knowledge of soil ecology is assumed
Location To be determined
More information

Drs. M van Heist (PE&RC)
Phone: +31 (0)317 489131 or (0) 6 28521546

Registration of interest

At this moment, this course is not scheduled yet. However, if you register your interest in this activity below, we will inform you as soon as the course is scheduled and registration of participation is opened.