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Sustainability in the European Union's Forests and the Energy Challenge

Monday 19 February 2018
Managing Europe’s forests under conflicting objectives calls for a holistic view and new tools. The ever-increasing demands on our forests are leading to conflicts concerning their management and use. The aim of the symposium is to contribute to an evidenced-based national forest management and energy policy.

Agriculture–Climate-Forests-Food PhD discussion group

Wednesday 21 February (12:15 – 13:15 hrs)
The PhD Discussion group on Agriculture – Climate – Forests – Food is an acknowledged discussion group operating under the Graduate Schools PE&RC and WASS, and is open to all PhD candidates. This session Sarah Carter will present the results of a paper on the link between forests and agriculture.

Careers After PhD (CAP) Seminar

Tuesday 13 March 2018 (16:00 - 17:00h)
The aim of the seminar series is to inform current PhDs about career perspectives after their PhD. In a one-hour setting we ask two PE&RC alumni to give a brief presentation on their career pathway after they finalised their PhD. Afterwards there will be drinks and the opportunity for PhD candidates to address the speakers with their specific questions.

Course Practical Modelling for Biologists

Monday 26 February - Friday 16 March 2018
The course Practical Modelling for Biologists gives hands-on experience in modelling, focussing on simulation techniques, slightly rooted in marine systems but for a large part just general modelling topic (with a slight bias to ecology). It is open to MSc and PhD students who want to take their first steps into modelling.

Causes and consequences of plant and animal movement

Wednesday 21 March 2018
This symposium is organized prior to the defence of Jelle Treep in Utrecht.

European Conference of Tropical Ecology

Monday 26 - Thurday 29 March 2018
Tropical aquatic (marine and freshwater) and terrestrial ecosystems are global biodiversity hotspots increasingly under pressure from a growing population. The complexity and unpredictability of these systems present considerable challenges for ecologists, conservation biologists and natural resource managers. The global demand for food, energy and recreation, large scale industrial land use change and anthropogenic climate change present scientific and social challenges. Ensuring resilient tropical ecosystems and provisioning a broad array of ecosystem services necessitates maintaining biodiversity as well as ecological function at all its levels. Past and present mismanagement and habitat degradation require counter measures, including habitat restoration and developing novel management approaches for resilient tropical landscape mosaics which both meet the immediate livelihood needs of oceanic, coastal, and rural communities and the ecosystem services for broader society. This presents great challenges but also opportunities.

Network Event TKI Horticulture & Propagation Materials

Tuesday 3 April 2018
On Tuesday, April 3, 2018, TKI Horticulture & Propagation Materials is organizing its annual network event in Nieuwegein (the Netherlands). The 2018 edition will include a poster session for which we invite young scientists to present their research (more info at www.pe-rc.nl/TKIHP.pdf). Admission is free, but registration is required. Contrary to previous editions, a large portion of the day will be in English . Register now online at: registreren.cygnea.nl/tku-007/en/.

The First Meeting of the Netherlands Society for Evolutionary Biology (NLSEB)

Wednesday 11 April 2018
With this first NLSEB meeting, we aim to bring together scientists from all disciplines working on evolutionary questions, and thereby start building a broad community of evolutionary biologists based in the Netherlands, to fuel discussion and cross-fertilization of ideas.

Land-Water-Food Nexus: Towards sustainable food production in China & other regions

Tuesday 8 May 2018
First announcement of this symposium on Tuesday 8 May at the Orion building in Wageningen.

6th Plant Genomics & Gene Editing Congress

Monday 14 - Thursday 15 May 2018
This conference will examine the latest NGS, ‘omic’ and gene editing technologies being used for progressing plant-based research, as well other gene-focused aspects of plant science.

Summer school: Exploring climate change challenges and solutions in the real world: from research to practice

Monday 21 - Friday 25 May 2018
The aim of this summer school is to introduce IMPRESSIONS methods and tools so as to demonstrate their applications through studying the impacts of climate change and socio-economic changes in Bulgarian mountains and rural communities. Deadline applications is 30 NOVEMBER 2017 instead of 30 September 2017.

Symposium and Workshop: Principles and dynamics governing transmission of mycobacterial infection

Tuesday 22 - Thursday 24 May 2018
This event can be of interest to animal health and public health professionals who deal with multi-host diseases in complex ecological systems. The symposium is scheduled on 22 May, the workshop on 23 and 24 May.

Summer School on agroecology and animal production

Monday 2 - Friday 6 July 2018
The Summer School Agroecology and animal production is especially designed for PhD students in the field of agriculture, and professionals in agriculture and the feed and food industry, such as consultants, technical advisors, policy makers and researchers.

Sfecologie 2018 - International Conference on Ecological Sciences

22 - 25 October 2018
Sfécologie (the French Ecological Society's International Conference) will take place from 22 - 25 October 2018 at the historic Couvent des Jacobins in the old part of the city of Rennes.