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Pint of Science festival looking for speakers and volunteers

Pint of Science is an international science festival that exists in more than 25 countries. Its goal is to invite researchers to pubs to give them the opportunity to talk about their favorite topic to the general public. Any scientific topic is welcome: biology, mathematics, physics, chemistry, social science…!

B-Wise Seminar, December 6th

B-Wise Seminar, December 6th(12:30 - 13:30h)
On Tuesday December 6th, the next B-Wise meeting will take place at 12:30h, in room C0221 in the Forum building. Lunch will be available from 12:00h onwards. We will have two speakers this time: Like Fokkens (assistant professor at WU Phytopathology) and Soliman Khatib (associate professor at MIGAL-Galilee Research Institute, Israel). Like will talk about 'Genome evolution in Fusarium oxysporum’. Soliman’s topic is 'Computational metabolomics of olive-mill-solid-waste-induced mushroom specialized metabolic diversity’.

MAGNEFY User Meeting

7 December 2022
The MAGNEtic resonance research FacilitY MAGNEFY (part of the Agrotechnology and Food Science Group at Wageningen University, WUR) is hosting a user meeting for both WUR and non-WUR researchers, who are interested in the use of NMR and MRI methods. MAGNEFY offers a wide range of facilities that can help to answer research questions in the fields of (bio)chemistry, (bio)physics, (agro)food technology and life science. During the meeting an overview of the MAGNEFY facilities will be presented, and there will be room for discussion on specific research questions.


Friday 9 December 2022
Serious games are a well-developed participatory research approach to learn about, discuss and explore complexity. By playing a game that mimics part(s) of the real system, stakeholders explore the potential impacts of their actions, while sharing their knowledge and understanding of the functioning of the system at hand. Join us on Friday 9 December for the next Game Hub meeting.

Bioinformatics and System Biology Integrated Modeling and Optimization

12-16 December 2022
In this course we offer the participants the possibility to learn and exercise the modeling process. In validating models one always meet with the need to fit models to data. So, the parameters that are present in any realistic model have to be chosen based on comparison of model predictions with data.

BioSB Integrated modeling and optimization

12 - 16 December 2022
Living organisms are characterized by an amazing degree of hierarchical complexity. Although our ability to collect measurements at different spatial levels and time-scales has grown dramatically, it has become clear that only measurements cannot provide the answer to unravelling biological complexity.

December WEES with Dr. Julia Jones

Wednesday, December 14th 2022
We are pleased to invite you to attend December’s Wageningen Evolution & Ecology Seminars (WEES) in-person! The seminar will take place on Wednesday, December 14th 2022, 16:00-17:00 in Orion C2035. This will be followed by drinks at The Spot!

Dutch Entomology Day

16 December 2022
From 1989, the NEV annually organizes the Dutch Entomologists' Day. Professional and amateur entomologists usually meet on the third Friday in December. In parallel sessions, a total of approximately 40 lectures will be held, preceded by a plenary lecture by an invited speaker. Posters will be presented throughout the day. Three prizes will be awarded: the NEV Poster Prize, the UES-MSc Thesis Prize and the NEV Dissertation Prize.

Seminar - Plant and environmental data integration for sustainable development: what is needed for success?

Tuesday 20 December 2022
This seminar is organised in connection with David Brown Fuentes’ thesis defence, scheduled on December 20 at 11 a.m. in the Omnia Auditorium and to which you are also cordially invited.

Lignofuels 2023,Helsinki

8 - 9 February 2023
Following the success of Lignofuels 2022 which brought 150+ senior level industry professionals to Helsinki in June 2022, we are delighted to be returning to Finland for the 2023 edition of the conference taking place on 8th & 9th February 2023 in Helsinki. Book your early bird pass at Lignofuels 2023 and don't miss out on the presentations by senior representatives of GoodFuels & Biokraft in the afternoon of Conference Day 1 in session entitled "Future Markets for Lignofuels".

BioSB Constraint-based modeling

13 - 17 February 2023
The constraint-based modeling course provides insights in the powerful modeling framework that allows to model reaction fluxes in genome-scale metabolic network models, with uses in fundamental and applied questions relevant to biotechnology, microbiology and biomedicine. These genome-scale metabolic models encompass all metabolic reactions encoded in an organism, possibly contextualized to a particular cell type and condition. Constraint-based modeling provides a scalable framework to analyze these large-scale models, whether they describe microbes, human cells in health and disease or multi-cellular systems like microbiota and the whole body.

The 3rd Global Soil Biodiversity Conference

13 - 15 March 2023
After the long delay due to the pandemic, we are thrilled to invite the world’s soil biodiversity researchers, educators, and policy supporters to join us in Dublin, Ireland on 13-15th March 2023 for the 3rd Global Soil Biodiversity Conference. The Global Soil Biodiversity Initiative, launched in 2011, is a major stakeholder in the development of soil biodiversity policy, and the accelerating scientific knowledge underpinning the vast biological diversity contained in terrestrial soils worldwide.

Merging Measurements and Modeling in Soil Physics

8 – 13 May 2023
This course will present accepted and emerging concepts of key processes of water flow in unsaturated porous media. These concepts will be presented together with standard and novel methods to make the measurements necessary to describe these processes. The focus of the course is the need for a unified treatment of measurement and modelling in quantitative soil physics. Specifically, we will discuss how advancements in our understanding of soil physics should guide the design of measurement and monitoring efforts. Similarly, we will discuss how the interpretation of measurements made with emerging indirect methods should be made in the context of the soil physical model of interest.

Biology of Vector-borne Diseases course

12-17 June 2023
The UI Institute for Health in the Human Ecosystem (IHHE) is hosting its annual Biology of Vector-borne Diseases six-day course, Monday through Saturday, June 12-17, 2023, on the UI campus in Moscow, Idaho. This course provides accessible, condensed training and "knowledge networking" for advanced graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, new faculty, and current professionals to ensure competency in basic biology and cutting-edge knowledge for U.S. and global vector-borne diseases of plants, animals, and humans. With the support of 30+ internationally recognized faculty, we seek to train the next generation of scientists and professionals to think about vector-borne diseases as interconnected pathosystems and help them to develop effective solutions to current and emerging vector-borne disease threats in complex human ecosystems.