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PE&RC Writing week 

This week provides PhD candidates space and time to focus on the writing of a paper or a thesis chapter. Hence it is meant for those PE&RC PHD's who are in the process of writing a paper or thesis chapter. The five days are structured in writing and feedback sessions and we have one or two workshops on effective writing and what to pay attention to.  Besides the (intensive) sessions there is also time for relaxation during the day. If you are interested in attending this week, please sign up here

Courses offered by Wageningen Graduate Schools (WGS)

Wageningen Graduate Schools (WGS) offers a variety of courses aimed at all PhD candidates, regardless of the field that they are operating in. These courses comprise of competence strengthening, career building, language as well as facilitating courses. A reduced fee is available for (1) Wageningen PhD candidates with an approved Training and Supervision Plan, and (2) Wageningen postdocs, who are a member of PE&RC, EPS, WASS, VLAG, WIAS, or WIMEK. Generally, the discount is 50% but for more specific information you have to look at the course descriptions as posted on the WGS course website. Although PE&RC PhD candidates of our other partner institutes cannot participate in these courses for the reduced fee, all WGS are open to them as well. Please note that a lot of courses are available online. Click here for the WGS courses and activities that are currently on offer.

WGS Short Workshop - Introduction to LaTeX

LaTeX is a document preparation system and mark-up language which can be used as an alternative to text processors like MS-WORD. It automates many of the time-consuming tasks such as formatting, figure placement and bibliography management, and produces consistent, typographically neat output in PDF format that looks the same on any computer. It is most useful for writing professional publications, reports and papers, and is cross-platform, free and open-source software. For more info and registration click here

WGS course Career Development for Postdocs: Science and the Alternatives

Young academics have to make a decisive career choice: either pursue a career in science or look at alternative options of which there are many. In the early phase after a PhD it is essential to assess one’s future career and reflect on one's professional ambition and make an in-depth analysis of both professional and personal strengths and weaknesses. It is therefore that Wageningen Graduate Schools (WGS) offers this programme to postdocs and other young academics who have a PhD. For more info and registration click here.

WGS course Professional in Supervision for PhD supervisors

This 3-day workshop is based on 4 phases during the 4 year programme and focusses on communications styles, coaching formats, leadership, cultural issues, distance based supervision, writing moments and personal needs related to supervision of PhD candidates. Much emphasis is placed on sharing knowledge and experiences, trying out new techniques and strategies, practicing with an actor and discussing other related issues to supervision. For more info and registration click here

Special update for non-WUR PhD candidate of PE&RC
In our efforts to support you in every way we can, even more so in these isolated and challenging COVID-19 times, we have decided to offer you also the above opportunity against the reduced course fee (until further notice).

edX Remote Access Program available for staff and students

Many edX partners joined forces and allow each other’s student and staff to take their courses completely free of charge during the Corona outbreak. Wageningen embraced this initiative and therefor everybody with a WUR account can get full access to one of the many online courses from institutions like Cornell University, TU Delft, Harvard, MIT, RWTH Aachen University, Tecnológico de Monterrey, and many more. This initiative is open to anyone with a WUR account, including staff. While many of us are working from home, this might be a good time to take a look at the enormous offer and find a topic you always wanted to learn more about. edX traditionally has many academic courses, but there are also courses like Learn to program in Java, Visualizing data with Excel, Designing and Creating Skirts, Ancient Masterpieces of World Literature, Strategic Management and much more! It doesn’t matter if you want to develop your personal or professional skills or gain knowledge on a specific theme or discipline, there is always a course that fits your interest. Just remember to enrol and use your code before 1 May 2020. Once you activated your code you will have full access to the course. You don’t have to finish the course by that date, just enrol and use the coupon code for full access. Within your course environment you find deadlines for each specific course. Read everything about this initiative and how to join online.

Wageningen University Library

Wageningen University Library offers training programmes available to students, PhD students and researchers. Courses, demos and workshops are offered on a regular basis, depending on the number of participants. Often, participation is free  Click here to see what is currently on offer.

Wageningen Writing Lab

Coached by a peer-tutor, you can improve your writing skills and learn to apply new strategies. You will find us in the library of the Forum building on Wageningen University Campus. Click here for more information. 

Courses offered by Educational Staff Development

These courses focus on teaching skills and may only partly be open to employees of Wageningen University & Research. There is also one course specifically for PhD candidates who want to explore the art of teaching within university settings. More information and application for these courses can be found here